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1 month ago


Thanks for all the love for the wood edition!....some of you love the black/red combo too, right? 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

Thanks for all the love for the wood edition!....some of you love the black/red combo too, right? 😉


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I'm too excited for this, I cant wait to see the controller. Is it going to be digital only or is it going to use physical copies of things? I'm just dying to know details. I love both editions. if wood grain is sold out i'd go for the red and black. I think its aestheticly well designed. I'm glad you guys are putting work and time into this. I want it to succeed

Hell no! Atari woodgrain FTW!

Need more information!

Nope :D

Can you please tell us more already. And i mean what the thing actually is not what it looks like

Hell yeah! Jaguar styling all the way

Hmmmm could be a CGI system !

Tutankham needs to be on this.

As if I'm not going to need both...

Nice,cant wait to check it out in person

Actually can I pre-order this one ? Or join a Beta-testing program or something #GIEV

I appreciate the black and red for reminding me of the Sega Genesis model 1. That's a good thing!

I prefer this one to be honest.

Annnnnnnd I want both!

Wood all day! What do the joysticks look like?

What does it do?

I would love to see the directional controls are on the right and the buttons are on the left!

I do like both but wood edition is more Atari IMO because it was the first, where it started and what most people remember as their first experience in to the gaming world. At least for the first generation of gamers. With that being said I personal will get the wood first and maybe eventually get the black to go with my collection of 2600s, I have all except the heavy Sixer. I think it's safe to say make more of the wood.

Those kiddos these days might prefare the black/red combo! I choose wood!! Don't forget to get some of the big guys to cooperate! Let everybody know u guys are kickin ass!

I think people are going to be pissed if they get stuck with the black and red hope you haven't spent too much on production on them Atari

Yes I do!!

The black/red combo is cool, but the woodgrain one is fantastic. It screams "Atari VCS" out loud but still add a modern touch to its design. Yesterday I played Atari 2600 and Lynx all day long, to celebrate.

Honestly do the polished stainless with the rainbow stripe

Your track record is poor, Atari. People are rightfully skeptical at your hype game. I think it's because all you have is hype. Prove me wrong.

What do the controllers look like, and what exactly do the new games look like?

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1 month ago


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Totally Awesome!! Keep up the GREAT WORK guys!!! Excited about this very, very much.... Finally!! Atari making a come back after 23 long painful years. You guys have been gone for WAY TO LONG!! Do not go away ever again please! ;) long as that comes with a built-in suite of 2600/5200/7800/arcade hits, we'll get along just fine.... ;)

Alain Trotobas Michel Ploë Guillaume Jeunet

Hi Atari, I sent an application and I'd like to work for your marketing department. Lets make the Atari box the largest launch ever!

Take my money!

Looking forward to more details on the Atari.

Sega master system it.

Star Raiders in 4K? I'd love to see this.

8K C O N F I R M E D!!!

The Atari group reaffirms its cost-effective growth strategy following the e3 video games show in June 2017 (PDF), Atari sa, 22 June 2017, " 30 May 2017, on the occasion of the publication of its annual turnover, the atari group announced the " (...) preparation of a public relations and crowdfunding campaign to test the viability of a new hardware product for Video games ". the group has since released a video showing a first design of this new product, whose features and technical features will be announced according to progress. the group believes that it is able to develop an attractive product, using brand awareness of the atari brand in the field of hardware. To limit risk-taking, this product will initially be launched as part of a crowdfunding campaign."

Take my money

H.E.R.O. re-release in DOS jetpack style!!!!

It looks great! Can't wait for more information. I know some people would probably kill me for this but... will it have support for Jaguar games? some kind of virtual console or retro gaming downloads?

It's clean looking, and I like the silhouette! I'm assuming it has wireless controllers and that those front lights indicate connected controllers?

I love the look of it. I am looking forward to hearing more about the system itself. I'm guessing some kind of steam box based on the interfaces.

E.T. 8k remastered!

If this your new jewel, will be able to play re-editions in Full HD of best Atari arcade games, plus Activision and Imagic's epic games, Nintendo Switch will be surely used as a trash!!!!!!!!

Su diseño es hermoso, luce muy bien y ese toque clásico que le han dado tiene estilo. Me emociona bastante que sea una maquina capaz de correr juegos modernos y ademas que se pueda disfrutar títulos clásicos de la compañía. Seguiré con mucha atención esta nueva consola que me llena de muchas expectativas y espero que las cumpla. Gracias por volver al hardware.

You should make the "new cartridges" USB and personalised to each game, ie a usb that looks like pong paddle etc

FANTASTIC! Love the design.

Love the Ataribox. Hope you will do remastered Versions of Games like PS1 Crash Bandicoot. Because the original 2600 Atari Games they really don't look good at all in todays standards.

We need cartridges! Big ones, no sd cards!

Please don't let this be something that I could recreate with an Rpi & case...

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1 month ago

Ataribox it is folks: first look at the Ataribox design. What do you think? ... See MoreSee Less it is folks: first look at the Ataribox design. What do you think?Image attachment


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Ben Cartlidge

please make support for atari 2600 cartridges!


Looks good. Are these renders?


So the email mentions "current gaming content". Does that mean it's going to support all the latest third party games? Btw, it looks great.

looks amazing!!

I love the wood look. Really excited as to what the system specs will be. I'm hoping it will be able to at least match or beat the Xbox X and PS4 Pro.

I like the classic ribbed-for-our-pleasure plastic design. Woodgrain and glowing logos look sexy... but im sad this isnt a cartridge based system. It would have really standed out in a sea of online connected boxes if this was a classic style system you could actually collect games for... Oh well, sign of the times i guess.

I like the look of it.

No possibility to use old cartridges ? :(

Change the name. Ataribox sounds lame... it's too much like Xbox. Just call it Atari or use another modifier other than box.

Will it come with ET installed??😂

Nice 😄😄


Love it. Great mix of retro and updated look.


It's great! Release date?! Specs?!

Still not enough information... cool, so it has classics. But, what is the "current content" they have referred to? I already own three Atari retro consoles, I don't need another one even though this one looks pretty :/ As much as I want Atari to come back into the hardware business, I really hope it's not with just a retro console... It is pretty, but the lack of info makes me sad :(

Great, please make your best, for having the possibilities ti replay re-edit old arcade games in 4K, and new, on Blue Ray!!

Furkan Ce

It's a beautiful design, but I hope it's like a virtual console, where one can add an infinite number of games, not being stuck with a small number of pre-installed games forever... Also, please open it up to homebrew developers; it would be a great way to learn to program games.

It's prettier than the XBox!

I'd say make an external add-on that connect via USB and allows players to use both old cartridges AND old controllers from the 2600 days. ;)

I am very excited about this. And I am not a person who cares about new consoles and gaming almost at all. This has the potential to reignite that initial spark that lit up video gaming all those years ago. This is truly exciting.

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2 months ago


More info on what's inside within 2 weeks. 2 editions. 2 boxes.
If you could magically open one box right now, which would it be?
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More info on whats inside within 2 weeks. 2 editions. 2 boxes. 
If you could magically open one box right now, which would it be?Image attachment


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Wood-looking one, for sure.


can t wait

Woodgrain!!!!!! :D You just made my day. I have no idea what it is, but I want. Send me one, I'll review it for free ;)


A four seater holographic booth that puts people in the same rooom, with a holographic projector, four mics, four speakers, ahhh hmmmm over online play?!?!?


Anthony Southwood Michael Schneider Ren Asphyxia

Like the orange one

The Orange one for sure!

The "red" one... 'cause Red onez go fasta!


Woodgrain for sure!

Wood grain for sure

Woodgrain, cuz I'm old skool like that

I Hope it has an sdgame Card in retrolook for ... :)

Woodgrain, definitely.

excited for this but change the name, to much like X-Box

Woodgrain because it reminds the old Atari 2600

The wood styled 😍❤


Wood looking

I'd have to go with the Woodgrain, brings back memories. Orange does stand out more. I'll take either of them though!

Woodgrain, No doubt.

Deffo the woodgrain edition

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2 months ago


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26th like! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Soo excited.

Also, this was not lost on me during the new blade runner trailer 😉

Personnally this is close to SPAM, you showing something without showing anything. video too close to see anything by shinny plastic lines. Hopefully we will not get too many of these nothing before you showing and giving info's.

I think it would have been better to hold off on the announcement until it was close to ready and truly confirmed with no problems holding the new system back since a lot can happen before any kind of release. Generating early hype almost always leads to major disappointment and broken promises.

is this a Console box? like microsoft and sony? with those types of games?

Martin, Reina, we'll be working very hard to be the exception to the rule! thanks for your patience!

Don't make any promises at this time, for now just focus on making sure that this new machine works out. I'm sure everyone can wait

I have faith in Atari, and to show my faith I've started a fan page so that people may come and talk constructively about the development of the system and other game related info. A strong community ran group is integral to most entertainment products. I will not limit comments for or against the Ataribox but do ask for "Constructive" communication. This will be a place to express concerns but not to hate and bash.

I still remember finding an Atari 2600 box hidden under my parents bed right before Christmas. I wasn't sad at all learning there was no Santa, but sure was happy with that 2600. Best Christmas ever, until of course I got my Atari 400, then Atari 800XL, then Atari 1040ST...etc... Atari made several appearances under the tree during the years. Very excited.

ooh, i'm excited

Storming: so many people talk about that feeling of their first Atari, it was amazing! Regardless of when/what we have planned (wow being cryptic is hard!) we want to bring that magic feeling to it!

Atari 2500 was my first console experience back in 1986 or so, I've been gaming since around 1984/1985

OK! Here's my guess... I'm betting it's a new console based on really cheap and old tech, hopefully 16 bit, around the same power as a Neo Geo, so there would be inherent limitations that would force pixel art, and not rely on it as a throwback style. They'll make it easy to code for so anyone can make games, and have not only officially released games on sexy mid sized cartridges, but also sell "blank" carts that can be easily flashed with homebrew. The business model being that they could sell old tech super cheap and still make a profit while creating a thriving homebrew community who are fueled on the retro craze and want to code their own game, and sell a constant stream of low cost, but stable hardware. They could even bank on homebrewers, since they could sell mass amounts of "blank" carts. Then they could even officially license the best homebrew games and release them as retail. This is of course pipe dreams, it's too awesome to actually be made, but a man can dream.

Or it'll just be another clone console or a high end flashback that plays 7800 also... In that case, i'll buy one for the sole purpose of putting a RetroPie in it... OR... wait a minute... playing off that idea, MAYBE it's an amazingly awesome Atari styled raspberry pi case. Dude if i guessed it, you should send me a free one!

Is it going to be a new console aimed at competing with the other three consoles?

I just have a feeling this is fake. why would atari enter the console market?

A guy on AtariAge fb group had the theory that this might be some kind of officially licensed Atari themed x-box one... If that's the case, atari really, REALLY doesn't understand their target market. That would be the worst idea in history, nobody would but a monstrosity like that. I hope that dude is wrong haha. Or what if it's a smartphone.... I don't even want to think about that.

Will there be an E3 announcement?

If this is a new Atari console, I'll be more than willing to do new games for it :)

Us Europeans have heard a lot about upcoming IoT (internet of things) devices from Atari and Sigfox. Could it be that the Ataribox is a kind of master device for other devices to be connected? Who knows; see:

Does it feature 2600 cartridge slots and 9 pin Joysticks ? YES : Want it. NO : Keep it.

So is this going to be a legit system that will be competing against the PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch?

We are in the E3 show and no news?

Im excited to see what this is! :)

What the hell can't be doing this to people..we are no a very fragile society...we can't stuff cards or shut up!

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