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1 day ago


Home entertainment just got a classic touch with Ataribox. Stream your favorite episodes with Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix & more! Take a break from saving the galaxy and relax.
You earned it.
#RetroRevival #atari #ataribox
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Home entertainment just got a classic touch with Ataribox. Stream your favorite episodes with Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix & more! Take a break from saving the galaxy and relax. 
You earned it.
 #RetroRevival #atari #ataribox


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Really liking the look of this...I hope the wife will let me get one.. What controller is it using?

We want to know about games and if any third party developers are in on it....I also want to know where this fits in with the current gaming systems. It's it going to compete with the Xbox One S/PS4 Slim? Or is it going to be more of an Nvidia Shield type box? Kind of hard to commit 250-300 to something we know very little about. It looks great but it needs to perform as well.

Cameron Matthew Joshua Kieran

Yes Iam worries about game controller too

This makes no sense for USD280

I thought this was a game console. Don't make it a parody.

Please just throw a pair of analog sticks on a Jaguar controller and piss off everyone in the world except for me.

And put a frikin cartridge slot on there. 😎

Yeah, Atari PR person, don't be like Microsoft at E3 pitching the Xbox One as an entertainment device. That was a disaster. We want to know what kind of games it can play, and what specs it's going to push. I'd seriously consider just releasing this with straight up Windows or Linux installed with some sort of Atari style app built for it. Linux has a huge library of games on Steam, GOG, etc, so it will allow the Ataribox user the freedom to get a good range of use from the device. Then again, what do I know, I just go to school for game design, and interned for a marketing company.

Noone cares, We can already stream all that stuff on like 40 different devices. We want games!

Where Is the controller!!

I haven't bought a gaming console since PS2. I hope you guys get this right. I'm anxious to hear more about it.

Boulder Dash too?

I'm definitely interested but, I'm waiting on those specs so that I can see what it will be capable of game wise.

Everything streams Hulu and such, including most tv’s and blu-ray players. No need for 1 more. Please just make this about games. Microsoft chose to make their X1 more about watching your tv and such, and hence, Sony has sold over twice the amount of consoles. Please make this about games.

Holy crap, and what about the games? What about the controller? Is this a game console or just some device to turn a TV into a Smart TV? It already seems some obsolete piece of tech...

Seems to be it's basically a Shield..maybe a few steps below sadly and hoping the Atari name will get sales...I'm all for it but heck I'm still waiting for Shield prices to way I'm gonna spend $300 on this..maybe just me but they need to be a lil more realistic on what they're selling and asking for it


Watch out firestick! Or any other Blu-ray player or cable box or tv.. the Ataribox is coming in hot to stream Netflix 🤘🏻 for only $250 too 😜 Stop.. just, stop.

Not for $300

The look of it is really nice.Quite stylish.

@Ataribox We get it, it's a home media center running linux with a customized emulator so we can play "a ton" of classic Atari games along with new titles. Anyone that has been following this knows the limited specs details that have been released in the different articles with The Verge, etc. and from the photos it has HDMI, Ethernet, and SD slot, and 4 USB ports. What you're not telling us is the lineup of retro games and what controller/controllers this will be using, price, tentative release date, etc. This continual attempt to hype something like this is something we've seen all too often, and it never pans out well. There's countless ways to stream stuff, etc. already so that feature is a meh at best which leaves the only real meat of the system being gaming which is already going to be extremely limited because of the linux OS and what hardware you can cram in that little form factor without the thing melting from overheating. Right now this thing is looking more like a steam box with an emulator on it, which unless you're adding support for the 3rd party adaptors so you can attach original controllers to this thing, people might as well just stick with the Flashback systems or an emulator on their PC. Don't get me wrong, I love Atari, Atari was the first video game system I ever played and will always have a special place in my heart, but so far the lack of concrete information over hype is NOT doing anything to help public perception of this, only hurting.

Just about every device features those services. I’d rather have awesome games.

So it's a Linux box running some emulators? You really fucked this one up atari

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4 days ago


Grab a controller. It's time to flex your muscle memory. We can’t promise the fuel, just the ride. Time to set some new high scores.
Sign up for your early discount. Release updates coming soon!
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Grab a controller. Its time to flex your muscle memory. We can’t promise the fuel, just the ride. Time to set some new high scores. 
Sign up for your early discount. Release updates coming soon! 


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Will this be available in Australia?


The lack of information is disturbing. I’ve lost so much interest already. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

What controller? Haven't seen one yet. Set some new high scores? On what games? Don't even know what we're playing yet! Lack of real info IS disturbing.

Lost the hype already, whatever

Personally, I'm super excited, and I find the secrecy tantalizing and fun. Can't wait to find out more!

The general public can’t handle a good teaser anymore. Not since getting burned by the Lost finale. 🙂 Hey Atari, quick question. Do I actually need to sign up for this discount or do you just mean there’ll be an early bird option that we need to be on the mailing list to catch? Thanks! Looking forward to playing games with y’all again. Been awhile. 🙂

Ataribox is this a steam machine? Also, are plans for releasr in Brazil?

As much as I wanted to see this thing succeed? I highly doubt it will with the lack of info we've gotten about this thing. Just copious amounts of the same images from different angles and color variants. How do you expect us to "grab a controller" when we don't even know what that even looks like let alone know what kinda games are gunna be on this thing?

does ANYBODY know if this will be NTSC only, or can we enjoy a PAL version also? Thx!

I'd love to see the classics remade for the new gen and linked for in game bonuses. Like, can we have a space explorer flight sim of asteroids in 3d? Maybe a fps/tps bug hunt of centipede?

What does the controller look like?

IndieGames Godot Engine?...

For me my most important question is will there be new Atari games, not just the classics but first party launch titles for the Ataribox?

Hope to see a controller and some games announced soon

We’ve got a lot of faith in you, Atari. Please do not let us down.

I Played this as a child, now I'm forty four.

Ok, pic of the box again... Any first party titles in the works?

I have signed up for the mailing list but I haven't gotten the last two emails you sent out it's like I was removed from the mailing list....

Will it have atari st 520 games???

Is this just a system that downloads games or will there be actual games in physical form, and if so are they going to bring cartridges back?

Will this machine be a platform to run emulation of classic consoles?

Como vai ser o controle = joystick

What does the controller look like?

I'm hoping it will fulfill my youthful Atari dreams.

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6 days ago


Same trusted logo. Same sleek design. You missed it, so we brought it back. Welcome to Ataribox. What are you excited to play?
Join the waitlist for an exclusive offer, and updates on our launch date!
#RetroRevival #atari
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Same trusted logo. Same sleek design. You missed it, so we brought it back. Welcome to Ataribox. What are you excited to play? 
Join the waitlist for an exclusive offer, and updates on our launch date!
#RetroRevival #atari


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Same trusted logo. New crooked owners.

No cartridge slot no sale.

Can this be hacked with a cartridge slot like the Flashback 2?

I was really hoping for cartridge support myself. Now if they have a USB port and the carts are actually like USB thumb drives it's cool. I want permanent physical copy's of my games.

cuando la lanzan? y a cuanto

This is going to be like $250+, isn't it?

Legend if dragoon, parasite Eve, jade empire, blue dragon, some real RPG and action games soul reaver blood omen, gauntlet, boulders gate, stuff like that.

Les pido que trabajen con los juegos Indie, no sólo de Microsoft Windows... también de GNU/Linux...

Cameron Kieran Joshua

What am I excited to play? What do you have?

I really want this system to make it. Loved atari growing up in the 70's ill buy it. I know this isnt the original company but it's still atari and it's ip's and if your taking requests i would love to see a new space shooter. New centipede asteroids major havoc. I loved the old arcade era.

"respected brand" is kind of an overstatement. Let's say "nostalgia full brand that got as much love as the amount of hate for screwing up a whole industry". Still, up until now you guys seem to be bringing it to a good direction so let's see if that statement will prove to be true in the years to come. Got high hopes on ya ;)

Didn't see any waitlist...

It's not totally clear...This console just emulate the old 2600 or it can do anything else?!🤔🤔🤔

"Trusted" lmao

I want to give some suggestions for the Ataribox Only the union of several companies in a single platform (that hardware, software and the online store are all equal) and that has cheap hardware (apu amd), can compete * You will need many partners, not only Software, but also Hardware, I recommend doing something new, licensing both the Software and a standard Hardware for other companies to create their own totally equal consoles in software and hardware that ataribox, companies like SEGA, Sansung, Lenovo could launch consoles equal to the ataribox inside, being able to change the look and the name of the console. Smaller companies could license the entire platform, from the atari brand to the visual of the ataribox, with that the ataribox could have a much greater reach and would be manufactured several different countries. * The partner hardware companies would earn half the value that atari would earn from the ataribox online store, so they would earn money from software sales, and would not have to gain from selling the hardware. * Companies like SEGA could create their own console and sell in Japan, so the platform would be stronger and the two companies would win by selling games in the store, with SEGA as a partner it could make an exclusive for the platform, in addition of many games, other big Hardware partners would also have to do at least 1 exclusive, the game would pick up on all brands of the platform, but could come free in the console of each brand. * You will need many hardware partners is the best way to compete with sony and microsoft * The difference of 1080p and 4k is very small, it is better a cheap console where AAA games work in 1080, and simple graphics games run in 4k. * A GPU slightly more powerful than the PS4 (2013) already would be enough, something with 2.5 tflops, being possible to have a console in the 250 dollar range GPU 2.5gflops CPU AMD octacore (APU equal to other consoles) 8 GB DDR4 RAM + 4 RAM GDDR5 (would be nice and cheap this combination) 16 GB of internal SSD (8 GB for the system and 8 GB for caching, something the developer could use to better speed the game) 1 TB HD * Create a system totally oriented to the TV, without desktop, without the possibility of changing operating system, without the boot of the PC, it has to be a complete experience of console,. You should have as an example the Android, which is a linux, but totally mobile (but continue using a modified linux for TV) I recommend a system that does not allow installation of games and applications outside the official store, but in case you want to leave this open I recommend creating a unique installation package for your system, something like android .APK file, and only allow installation from outside your official store with security warning, as in Android. I recommend a conventional control, but with gyroscope and other sensors that allow precision to play FPS and other utilities, something like the precision seen in these videos: * New Hardware for the platform every 4 years or every 3 years

Please, take my money 😃

Pitfall ! I can’t wait to see it! Some great games from Atari Jaguar also! I hope that the final release will come to Greece 🇬🇷!

Disc drive and new games like Pro Evo..

When is it coming out

Honestly the biggest thing with me is going to be the style and quality of the controllers. Anyone that grew up with Atari knows that nothing can compare with playing the games with the original controllers, it just doesn't feel the same without them.

I really love atari, but, I guess it will to disapoint me. :'(

But will it be a console without politicizing or dedicated to minority sexual collectives, or will it continue to use the Atari name for all sorts of interests that are not related to the legend?

Collectors want a cartridge slot as an add-on.

Воно після miniSnes вспливе?

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3 weeks ago


Not rendered. Not filtered. First shots of Ataribox in the flesh.
(and BTW: it is real wood)
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Not rendered. Not filtered. First shots of Ataribox in the flesh. 
(and BTW: it is real wood)Image attachmentImage attachment


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What's inside 👀

Shut up and take my money! :D

That there is pure sexiness!! Well done Ataribox industrial design team!! 5⭐️

So this is just a fancy $300 raspberry pi?

Put me down for a pre order.

Looking forward to this but I don't see how they gunna compete with Microsoft and Sony.. I owned a PS4 then went to Xbox One S which i have now but I will look into the Atari box for sure. I still have my Atari Ste computer from my childhood days!


I don't see any kind of disc drive, wonder if it's going to be like a Steam machine. Direct download only?

Glad you are using AMD cpu and graphics. Great design as well but please make sure we can load programs other than just download. Nice OS as well. Give it as powerful cpu and graphics as you can for the price point. Love it ❤️

Preloaded with all the old games would be a nice bonus😃👍🏽

Make sure it’s not download only for adding games,

Shutup and take my money!💵💵💸💸💸

It will have old games preloaded. I got email newsletter saying so

Jaguar games would be nice. Especially Alien vs. Predator.

Too bad it's not real games too

Will you release this in Australia with au power plug?

Will it be an Android game compatible console (should) ?

I do like the look of the red and black one here. But now you've said the wooden one has *real wood* everyone's going to want that one XD

I don't care what the specs are. As long as the games you make for it are good, then I'm all for it. It can be mobile-game level graphics, that wouldn't matter as long as the games are good. Atari were the masters of gaming and I look forward to future successes of them if they really cleaned up their act.

Lina Edgarsson!!!

Shay in the words of our little one, "I need it."

the render showed a woodgrain effect more similar to the original VCS, this one looks like a piece of plywood... it needs a slightly darker wood with a bigger texture. I'd rather have faux wood that looks great than real wood that looks like plywood

Clive Bennett. What you sayin’?

So wait, this is going to be digital games only. A big turn off for me, if so. Unless all of the game are $5 a piece or less. I refuse to go digital, whether it's music, games, other items.

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1 month ago


40 years ago this month; these early drawings became reality as the Atari 2600. So many people have an Atari 2600 memory. What's your favorite? ... See MoreSee Less

40 years ago this month; these early drawings became reality as the Atari 2600. So many people have an Atari 2600 memory. Whats your favorite?


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Noe Perez

Playing pitfall and adventure with my sister

Getting the Superman game down to a science...think I had my best time at something like 2:05...; also, am I the only person who remembers a game that had you playing as a farmer trying to keep a gopher(I -think- it was a gopher) from making off with some vegetables? It would pop out of one of 3 holes, and you just had to be able to get there before the gopher could get away...; as the game went on, you had less and less time to anticipate, much less, get to, where the gopher would pop up....

Watching the expression on Alan Botting's face as he madly moved the joystick left to right during the 100m sprint on epyx summer games.

I still got mine, full black version & 4 switches on the front still works! 👍

How long until ataribox becomes a reality?

I'm lucky to have the darth vadar 2600....

Pitfall has to be it for me, I had a ton of the game back in the day and had a few of them I played a lot, but pitfall has to be the one that I remember the most, kind of wish they could do a modern "remake"

Moon Patrol was one of my favs

Unwrapping it Christmas morning.

💜 Crystal castles 💜

I had a 2600. Played it on a B&W console television for the first couple years. My favorite games were the earlier ones, like Adventure (the programmer's room). I later wanted a 5200, but never got one. By the time the 7800 was released, I was too into chicks. 😉 But I definitely plan to purchase an Ataribox!

Being able to play Pac-Man at home

I remember having a slimmer, black model of the 2600, that didn't have any woodgrain. It was my 1st console w00t. Would love to see Atari get into the current-gen console race.

At last.. I haven't had a chance to live those memories since I wasn't born at the time. BUT HOPEFULLY I'LL BE ABLE TO OWN AND PLAY THE ATARIBOX!

Hours of yars revenge split up by breaks with keystone kapers with my mom making pancakes.

That keypad had me all crazy about what we had. Numbers on the keypad before digital telephone. My dad had a radar dish he Jerry rigged to watch starwars. That shit, Popeye and the Smurfs were just games to shut children up for hours at a time. First call... Trevor? El Camino looking for trons upscale arcade entrance. Then the last Starfighter proved in a reality movie about videogames and trailer trash. Do good and the FBI will recruit you. Free advertising on game cabinet. Right? Parents version of Friday the 13th, shankies and crackheads with your legitimate job game? This shit should make sense right?

Joust & frogger

playing Pitfall 2 it was awesome

Full Black!!

E.T was awesome LOL

Playing the demo kiosk in Kmart

Activision games hands down. Where is the Ataribox news and info? "More info on what's inside within 2 weeks" was months ago.

I love all atari platforms!(We want more news for the ataribox)

lol i know where this is going to.. add pic 1+2+3 together.. u will have an ataribox which is portable with a screen on it.. just sayin =) thx atari! <3

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